Experience Vouchers

Do you want to arrange rock climbing for someone as a gift? Maybe you know someone who would be very happy, huh? 🙂

All our courses can be donated to someone else in the form of a voucher. We can modify the voucher to a specific location and duration.  Or we can leave the choice to the voucher recipient.

You can choose from one-day and multi-day courses for children and adults. 

Our favorite locations are:

Bohemian Paradise
Zdarske vrchy
Lusatian mountains
Jizera mountains
and other..

You can choose the location yourself or leave the choice to us. We will decide with regard to the current weather and the abilities of the recipient.

We will fine-tune the specific details of the event directly with the voucher owner.


Meeting at an agreed location. We will adjust all the details with the voucher owner.

Rules of climbing on (sandstone) rocks.

Tour of the selected area, orientation in the climbing topo, choice of route.

Methodology of climbing with self-protection from the point of view of the leading climber and the second climber.

Common ascent to the tower. If you have the courage, then your own ascent as a leading climber.

Watching the sunset from the top of the sandstone tower, space for questions.

Lecture on the types of loops and knots and space for questions by the evening fire in the case of multi-day events.

from 60 EUR

The equipment is
possible to borrow