Are you attracted to Czech sandstone rock climbing? Are you looking for experienced guide or someone who would give you some good advice in the beginning? Do you want to see the amazing view from the top of the sandstone tower? Then you are on the right place!

We are a team of certified rock climbing instructors who love rock climbing in pure nature. Especially in the one with sandstone rocks. Here, the ethics of preserving the rock in the most natural state possible is the deepest.

Thanks to our years of rich experience, we are able to provide an extraordinary climbing experience to climbers of all abilities. You can be a complete beginner who has not tried climbing yet. But also a experienced climber who doesn’t just orient himself in a specific Czech sandstone climbing terrain.

Our offer of courses

Location and difficulty of your choice

Location and difficulty of your choice

Give your loved ones a climbing experience

Are you afraid of heights, but your darling is not? 🙂