Children’s Climbing courses

Children require special care when climbing. Their natural climbing abilities often surpass any adult. And when they are well directed, they can be great climbers. At our courses, the main thing is to show them climbing so that they enjoy it. Do you have a child at home who climbs your closets and chandeliers? Then he might like to try climbing a rock.

We will adjust the complexity and duration according to the age of the applicant. Children can climb from preschool age. In our rental, we also have tiny climbing shoes and full-body harnesses for them to maintain maximum safety.

We choose the climbing location so that it is easily accessible for a small climber. If there is a larger number of people, we will organize a small climbing camp where children can motivate each other.

Children will learn the basics of safe climbing and the right technique. At the same time, they get fresh air, which is definitely better than on a indoor climbing wall. They will also take a few nice climbing photos from the course as a souvenir, because we still have the camera with us 🙂

Most popular locations:

Bohemian Paradise
Zdarske vrchy
Lusatian mountains
Jizera mountains
and other..

You can choose the location yourself or leave the choice to us. We decide with regard to the current weather, age and abilities of climbers.

Of course, a parent can accompany us or leave a small climber fully entrusted to a certified rock climbing instructor.


Meeting at an agreed location. We will fine-tune all the requisites after your reservation.

Introduction to rocky terrain.

Warming up and choosing a route.

Methodology of safe climbing at the other end of the rope.

Joint assisted ascent on small sandstone tower.

Watching the amazing view from the top of the sandstone tower, space for questions.

from 40 EUR

The equipment is
possible to borrow